Global Peace And Prosperity Through Meditation

Aims and Objective

1. To realize peace, happiness, and physical energy and feel free from hatred, tensions, worries, etc. through meditation

2. To regularize meditation practices in homes, establishments, organizations, schools, colleges, industries, offices, etc.

Since the so-called modern advancement in human life, the life of humans has become busy, always under tension, worries, etc. However, once upon then advanced time of human development, when in Indian continent, India was richest in the world. In those days due to meditation techniques and physical exercise, like Yoga, mankind was the healthiest ever. Unnecessarily modern mankind is blaming the modern lifestyle for life full of misery, tensions, worries, hatred, cutthroat competitions etc. In our healthy, peaceful, prosperous life assurance research project, we have found that the meditation bestows the best health, abundant wealth, modified lifestyle and kindness in mankind. The research outcome and realization of meditation benefits, we wish to avail to the whole world, to make this world healthy, happy and prosperous. We have developed specialized simple scientific meditation technique. This auspicious project is beyond the boundaries of any religions or sects. This project is based on various scientific, psychological, managerial researches.

For this project, we are conducting regular classes at our global learning centers. The experts from the organization are teaching the meditation techniques in organizations, schools, colleges, and establishments. The international teaching, meditation effects, and research are being conducted at our Global Well Being center.

Global Special Children Rehabilitation Program (GSCRP)

The special children and adults is a great social problem. Their lively hood, food, activities or behavior, studies, family relation and many more problems make the life of such children a misery. Even their family members and parents they suffer from various problems and social tensions. We have studied and seen such children can work more efficiently and they could get educated by special methods. The Foundation has planned for their education, hostel, schools, workmanship, training for various work by these children as per their body and mental status.

Global Cardio Care And Cure Program (GCCCP)

The GCCCP is social responsibility program. This program is the outcome of GLOBAL DIABETES ERADICATION PROGRAM. It is being implemented with research, development activities followed by support of health care expert, Awareness, prevention, control cure these are the strategic core competencies of this mission while implementing this program. The traditional and ultra-modern science studies and research with the blend of traditional remedies are making this program a grant success.

Global Kidney Care And Cure Program (GKCCP)

The GKCCP is social responsibility program. The GDEP has given rise to many programs and this is one of these programs. This program is being implemented with research, development activities followed by support of kidney problem sufferers and healthcare experts.

Global De-Addiction Program (GDAP)

The GDAP is social responsibility program. It is being implemented with research, development activities followed by support of volunteers and health care experts. Awareness, prevention, the traditional and ultra-modern science studies and research program on de-addiction is the key element for its success. The science of body and mind is supported by modern science and tradition for the success of this program.

Global Organic Milking Revolution Program (GOMR)

Aim and Objectives

  1. Healthy organic natural milk
  2. Better improved milk production without changing existing feed intake and water etc. health dairy animal.

To make the dairy farms healthier, profitable centers and milk produced in these farms could be more natural, organic and healthy and free from chemicals. The researcher has taken rigorous trials of his research and his expertise he has entrusted to utilize for global well-being programs as social responsibility.

Global Fmd Control, Cure, Prevention, And Eradication Program (GFMDCCPEP)

The GFMDCCPEP is social responsibility program. It will be implemented with studies, research and development activities followed by national and international support by human and animal health care experts, researchers, Authorities, and organizations. The rules and regulations in this context will be strictly followed while implementing this program. The traditional and ultra-modern science studies and research programs for GFMDCCPEP will be implemented through the Foundation. awareness, prevention, control & cure will be mission while implementing this program. The traditional and ultra-modern science studies and research programs will be implemented through the Foundation.

Global Natural And Traditional Health Care Program (GNTHCP)

The healthcare with the help of ultra-modern science and traditions blends could make sufferings and economical spending less. Why wait for disease or disorders to affect the good health? the prevention traditional healthcare systems will be scientifically studied and researched. While utilizing modern treatment for health care traditional health care will be tried to familiarize and popular in the world. The global traditional healthcare systems will be studied, researched and implemented in the world.

Global Well Being

Working beyond the geographical boundaries for GLOBAL WELL BEING across the world.

  • Global Cooperation And Development.
  • Global Education Program For Sustainable Happy Healthy Prosperous life.
  • Global Sustainable Agriculture Program.
  • Global Research, Education And Program Implementation In Animal Husbandry.
  • Global Basic And Advanced Research In Arts, Commerce, And Science.
  • Global Unity In Sports, Arts, And Culture.
  • Global Forests And Environmental Studies, Research, And Management.

Global Diabetes Eradication Program (GDEP)

This is social responsible program.

This is a program by the public for the public and by the public. The researchers, scholars, professionals, medical professionals, diabetics and non-diabetic persons have developed this program.

The natural control leading towards the cure of diabetes; and cure of diabetic complications with simple traditional remedies have helped thousands to become happy and healthy. This experience of research is the backbone of this program.


Eradication Of Diabetes (type 1) From This World Through Socio-scientific Approach By Using Modern Science, Food, Food Supplement, Exercises, Awareness, Campaigns, Camps, Social And Personal Contacts And Care.


Through experience in social services to diabetic persons we have gained rich experience to naturally control diabetes, in which many diabetic persons leads towards the cure of diabetes. In our efforts to naturally control diabetic sugar thousands have got benefits of our guidance and services. Many of these diabetic persons have encouraged us to make these services available to GLOBAL DIABETIC POPULATION.


  1. Prevention of diabetes [ Type 1 ]
  2. Natural control of diabetes [ Type 2 ]

In these two phases, we make awareness among young generation by arranging camps, lectures, campaigns for both of the approaches. We educate the young population to take care how to avoid being diabetes state throughout life. In the second phase of the program, we reach to the diabetic populations deliver lectures about causes of diabetes, natural control of diabetes, use of food, food supplement, exercises, tension free life strategies, presentation of experiences of diabetic person how they have conquered diabetes, the supply of diabetic food supplement through volunteers. follow up services are given by experts and volunteers to diabetic persons who are participant beneficiaries of this program.