‘The Left Will Never Be Anti-Trump’

Be well informed.

Be well program.

Be nourished.

Be healthy.

Be informed.

The American Conservative, the most conservative publication in the country, is calling on readers to be well-informed about the election.

“Be well informed about the candidates, the policies, the candidates’ positions, and the issues, be well program,” the editorial reads.

“Be well nourished and well cared for.

Bewelled and well-brought-up.”

It goes on to say that the right can’t allow the left to take over the party because the left is anti-Trump and that is why we need to defend the Republican Party.

Trump’s presidency has been defined by many of the same concerns that have dogged the Republican party during the 2016 election.

His administration has sought to weaken the constitution and repeal the Affordable Care Act, roll back environmental protections, and expand the use of eminent domain.

The conservative magazine is also warning that the left’s push for immigration reform could lead to “the collapse of the United States.”

In other words, the left wants to replace America with a country with fewer Americans and less wealth.

And if you want to know what to do about it, you need to know that Trump has been telling you so for years.

The Trump-supporting magazine is part of the larger conservative movement that has been actively promoting Trump in recent years.

Its president, Sean Hannity, has become a favorite among conservatives, and Hannity himself has gone so far as to call the president a “patriot.”

Conservative radio host Mark Levin, who has frequently called Trump a fascist, has been calling for the president to be assassinated.

Trump has also regularly tweeted about the conservative movement.

It’s been a busy year for conservative publications, but The American Conservatives is among the few publications to be more focused on the issues than the candidates.

Its editors have even been working on an editorial on how the election has unfolded.

They’re calling on conservatives to be “well informed and well nourishing” on the Trump administration.

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