Why the NBA is going to miss the anthem as it struggles to recover from a deadly pandemic

When the National Anthem was played during the Super Bowl, it was meant to bring attention to the pandemic.

However, this year, the NBA and its players have gone to great lengths to avoid the anthem altogether.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the league is also considering canceling the upcoming preseason and the season opener.

According the Woj, the team’s owners are also considering eliminating the annual preseason and starting a new season with the team out of town.

Woj also reported that the league’s owners were considering eliminating its season opener from next season.

And the league has not ruled out making it harder to opt out of the anthem this season.

But it’s not the only league struggling to figure out how to deal with this pandemic pandemic and how to make a change to how the players should address it.

According Woj’s sources, the NFL is also struggling to find a solution to how to accommodate players during the anthem.

The league has gone to extraordinary lengths to make the anthem “a platform” for players to discuss issues that are important to them.

This has been a difficult problem to address.

We all know the problem.

In fact, the number of people who have died of COVID-19 has spiked since the anthem protests took place.

It’s a tragedy that’s being ignored by our leaders, and it’s a sad commentary on how little attention the NFL has paid to the public health crisis, according to Woj.

And that’s why the NFL’s owners and players should be asking why the anthem is not being played.

Waj noted that the NBA has a policy that players can’t stand for the anthem before games.

The NBA has also announced it will not play in the Superbowl.

But the league was not willing to make this change.

The NFL also did not want the league to make any changes to the way the anthem was played.

So instead of addressing the issue directly, the union and the league decided to make it “more difficult to opt-out,” Woj said.

So, what exactly would this change be?

Woj indicated that the union would allow players to choose not to stand during the national anthem, or the anthem itself, but rather to sit or stand during breaks and post-game ceremonies.

This could include a full-court press to keep the anthem playing during halftime, a full team sit-down before a game or a standing-room-only situation after a game.

In some cases, the players would be allowed to stand if they were wearing a mask.

The union is not saying whether the players will be allowed stand during each of these events.

Warkos added that the players may be allowed as much as two minutes of standing for each of the five games, during which they are allowed to kneel.

The players will also be allowed a brief moment of silence in the locker room after each game.

However the players cannot choose to kneels during the final moments of a game, according Woj as the union does not have the power to impose the rules.

What would be the consequences if players opt out?

Waj suggested that if a player chooses to opt in to the protest, they could face a fine and possibly suspension for the rest of the season.

If the players choose to stand, however, the punishment could be harsher.

Wooten added that if the union makes it so players have to sit during the protest before games, the consequences would be more severe.

Wagner added that he would also be willing to sanction the league for refusing to play the anthem at all.

Womack said that the issue of player protests is not about making the league more popular, but more about the players getting what they want.

“It’s about how they want it, and I think that they will get what they deserve,” Womak said.

“I think they deserve what they’re getting.

And if we want to make sure that we’re not punishing them for what they do, I think we need to make that clear.”

The NBA and players are not alone in their response to this pandemics pandemic epidemic.

Earlier this year the NBA said that it was going to make all of its players stand for every single play of the regular season.

That includes the regular-season opener, but it also included games in the playoffs and the playoffs themselves.

And Woj stated that the anthem policy would be expanded in the future.

The anthem policy is a major concern in the NBA, and the union has already said it will be reviewing the anthem rule changes, according ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne.

Wjnarowski also reported earlier this week that the NFLPA has been meeting with league officials to discuss the anthem and the new policy.

The issue has been front and center in the recent weeks, according a number of sports media outlets, including the New York Post, the Houston Chronicle, and ESPN.com.

However many of these outlets are hesitant

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