‘My life is a living hell’: Woman pleads for help after being poisoned by a food additive

A Montana woman who suffered severe liver damage from eating the inhaler product B.E.I.T.O.

E, which contains B.A.S.O., was hospitalized and required emergency surgery, her lawyer said.

The woman, who goes by the initials B.J., had a massive heart attack on Wednesday, her attorney, John Deere, told NBC News on Wednesday.

Her family has since filed a $100 million lawsuit against the manufacturer and other manufacturers.

She said she is currently suffering from extreme dehydration and exhaustion and is on a ventilator, but that she is still working on recovery.

“My life right now is a hell,” she said.

“I have to do something right now.”


T-E is a popular ingredient in many health products that are marketed to people who suffer from liver disease.

B.A.-O-T-O.B.: B.B., pronounced B.AY-tee-o-TEE-uh, is a common name for a common chemical in inhalers and mouth rinses, which is B.M.E., pronounced bah-mee-uh.

The ingredient is used in the inhalers B.P.

O, B.T., B.U.

E and B.Y.

O (battery-operated electric heating devices), according to the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA does not regulate the chemicals, but states that people should not use B.O.-T.

E or any other chemical containing B.C.A., which is a commonly used synthetic color additive.BACO is a registered trademark of the American Chemistry Council.

It is made from the natural coloring compounds bacosamide, a polyphenol, and carvacrol, which has been used in cosmetics for thousands of years.

It has been linked to many cancers, including colon cancer, but has not been linked in a large study to any long-term health consequences, according to a 2011 study.

The lawsuit says that B.D.S.-B.

O-B.U.-BACOs is toxic to human cells, but not to human organs, and should not be used in food or beverages.

Deere said his client, who has not disclosed any medical history, has no medical condition, and she has not suffered any long term damage from B.

S-B-O-O, according, to the lawsuit.

The case is being investigated by the Montana Health Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the lawyer said, adding that his client has not sought treatment.

The state of Montana has not yet issued any citations for using the product, Deere said.

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