Probiotics to be sold at grocery stores across US as part of $2 billion initiative


— Beverly Hills Mayor Michael Pfleger on Thursday announced the city would buy $2.7 billion worth of probiotics and other live-growth products from an international company, joining dozens of cities and states around the country.

The announcement marks the first time the city has purchased live-culture products in a citywide effort, said Pflegers executive director, Dr. Brian Schulze.

The city purchased live cultures in cities across the United States and around the world, he said.

The purchase was part of a $2 million gift to the city from The Nature Conservancy, which donated $3 million to the initiative.

The city is working with an international firm called Organovo to buy the probiotics, Schulzes said.

Organovo will buy 100,000 of the probiotic products, he added.

Organovo will also donate the probios to local schools and libraries, he told the council.

Organovos probiotic has been shown to have a wide range of benefits for human health, he noted.

Organovos founder, Dr Michael E. Pflegge, is one of the world’s leading proponents of probiotic-based living.

Pflores founder, Eric Bauhaus, was also a pioneer in the use of probiotics in the treatment of chronic diseases.

The products were introduced by Pflegs grandfather, George Pflegrin.

The new initiative aims to help improve people’s health, the mayor said.

The $2,000 donation from the Nature Conservance, which also includes $200,000 from the United Kingdom’s Natural Britain Foundation, is being matched by a $1.5 million gift from the National Institutes of Health.

The mayor said the donation will be used to help the city make the most of its resources.

“The City of Beverly Hills is making a commitment to make sure that every resident in the City is getting the best health care possible and making the most sustainable decisions possible,” he said in a statement.

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