What to know about new coronavirus vaccine guidelines

In a press release issued Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the guidelines will ensure that Americans who have not yet received a shot are not exposed to a high-risk strain of the virus.

The guidelines call for the use of a booster shot for any person who does not have the full vaccine and to ensure the use and transfer of the vaccine, regardless of who the person is or where they live.

The CDC is recommending that Americans receive the vaccine and monitor their health for several weeks after the vaccine is administered.

The vaccine is being distributed by Health Canada and will be available in the United States starting Tuesday.

The CDC recommends that anyone who has a serious health concern or who is at high risk of a serious illness or death, including those who are on immunosuppressant drugs, or who have a chronic medical condition or illness, or for whom an ongoing health condition has developed should be referred to an urgent care physician.

A person who has had a significant illness or injury from a pandemic-related illness should be considered at high-hazard to be at high potential risk for infection.

The CDC recommends limiting contact between family and close friends and should not travel to a new place for at least a few weeks.

To protect the public from a severe or severe coronaviruses pandemic, the CDC is asking Americans to keep their home, work, school, and other settings, and personal belongings in order.

The recommendations also call for limiting contact with others in the same household.

If a person is at risk for a serious or severe illness, it is important to seek immediate medical attention if they have fever or chills or if they feel unwell.

They may be asked to leave the home and to seek medical care.

People with severe or serious illnesses should be tested regularly, according to the CDC.

They should also be monitored by health care providers, and their blood counts, viral load, and immunoglobulin levels should be checked regularly.

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