How to get well in time for the Olympics

In an age of fast travel, it’s tempting to forget how tough it is to get to the Olympics from anywhere.

But there’s no doubt it’s a tough place to be when you’re not on the course.

For some athletes, the hardest part is getting to the stadium, which is the place to celebrate after a tough week.

This year, the London Games have been marred by a series of blunders.

We spoke to the athletes who will compete in the opening games.

Who are they?

Who has gone to Rio?

The Games’ first-ever female athlete, Lauren Murphy, is the most recent.

Born in Edinburgh, she was already a World champion at the age of 16.

She became a professional gymnast, winning two gold medals in the Commonwealth Games.

She was also a member of the UK team at the Olympics in Athens and won bronze in the women’s 100m freestyle at the Beijing Games.

Then in 2016, Murphy lost her mother and dad in a car crash and had to find work as a hairdresser.

The Olympic Games has always been about family and having a good time, but now it’s also about the people involved.

Murphy and her mother, Mary, took over the family business in May 2017 and are now the co-owners of their own private training academy.

Their daughter Emily is a two-time Paralympic silver medallist and a top-ranked athlete in the 100m hurdles.

The next generation of Olympic athletes include Emma Thomas, a four-time Olympic and world champion, and Jessica Ennis, who is one of the top female track and field runners in the world.

Both are the daughter of a former British sprinter and have taken on the role of ambassadors for their sport.

Who won’t be competing?

There are a few athletes who have been excluded from Rio.

One is British Olympic medallists Chloe Hosking and Ashley Thomas.

Hosking is the only woman in the sport to have won two golds in Rio and the first British woman to win a medal at the Games.

Thomas, the only other woman to compete in two Games, was not eligible because of a blood clot.

She is also the first athlete to win gold in the triple jump.

How can I watch?

BBC Sport’s Rio coverage will start on Friday at 8:30pm (GMT) and is expected to last for six hours.

Catch up on all the latest sports news from Rio by following our live blog.

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