‘It’s a new dawn for the NHS’

A new ‘nursing home’ will be built in Dublin to treat patients who need urgent medical treatment in the capital’s inner city.

The development is part of the $9bn Northern Ireland Healthcare Project and is one of several initiatives announced by the Department of Health in the last 12 months.

Dublin’s Central Hospital will become the first hospital in the country to be equipped to treat critically ill patients, and will provide emergency care to patients needing life-saving medical care.

It will be a “first-of-its-kind” hospital that will treat patients in need of urgent medical attention, said the Department.

Dubai-based architect and construction company Gioa and the University of Limerick are designing and building the building on the site of the former Cavan and Ballymun Central Hospital, which was destroyed in a fire in January 2018.

The complex is being constructed at a cost of €5.4bn, and is expected to be completed in 2023.

The design includes a number of elements that will include a new main entrance, a new primary care ward, a separate waiting area and a new rehabilitation unit.

Dubbletree, the main commercial building in the complex, is also being built to house offices for the company, and there is also a new medical centre in the building.

The Northern Ireland project is the first time that the Department has committed to building a hospital in Dublin’s inner-city in 20 years.

The Department of Justice said the development will help the country “re-energise its hospitals, support new services and increase the resilience of local communities”.

A statement on the Department’s website said the hospital will be “a key hub for patient care in the city centre” and will “provide a safe, modern and modern-day facility for our most vulnerable people”.

“Dublin has a vibrant community of families and local businesses that have been in the centre of the city’s financial centre since the 1970s and have a deep and rich history in the area,” it added.

“Our vision is to help build a vibrant and resilient community for future generations.”

Dublin Mayor Leo Varadkar welcomed the development, and said it will provide “the vital support for our hospitals that we have been asking for”.

He said it would also “help us create an innovative and efficient health and social care system”.

“The future is bright for our city and we can all work together to achieve it,” Mr Varadk said.

“We are proud of this development.”

The development, which is to be officially opened on Saturday, will include the construction of an operating room for a patient to be transferred to the hospital, and a health and wellness centre.

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