Trump’s campaign manager: ‘Trump is not mentally ill’

The former campaign manager of President Donald Trump has told ABC News that he believes the president is not “mentally ill” and that he has a “well being” and “affective wellbeing” that he does not have with his illness.

The comments by Kellyanne Conway came after ABC News reported that the Trump team has been in discussions with the Department of Health and Human Services about whether to grant the president access to the mental health care system.

A spokesman for the Department confirmed to ABC News on Monday that the department has been “in discussions” with the Trump campaign.

“We do not have a policy regarding the use of mental health services by the administration, but are in discussions to make sure that President Trump has access to mental health and medical care services,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesman also said the department was aware of “any concerns raised about mental health concerns raised by Mr. Trump” and was working “with the administration on their plan.”

“We want to make it clear that the Department is committed to ensuring that every American is provided with the services and support that they need,” the spokesman added.

Kellyanne and her husband, Jared, have been in the public eye for months as Trump and his family have been embroiled in a series of controversies.

They have been the subject of accusations of domestic abuse, racism and sexism and have been accused of a series the president has denied.

The former Trump campaign manager, who was one of his earliest supporters, told ABC that he did not think Trump was mentally ill, and that his mental health was “well-being.”

“I think he’s been in touch with the psychiatrists and doctors, the mental specialists, and they’re all saying that he’s not mentally sick,” Kellyann Conway said.

“The fact that he was elected, he had a mandate to do this, so I think it’s all good.

I think he has his life, his family, and his business to run, and he’s in charge of it.”

The Conway family has been vocal about their support for Trump throughout his presidency.

Kellyannen Conway has said she was inspired to run for president after witnessing the president being forced out of the White House in January.

In a tweet from the day he was removed, Trump wrote, “I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a loved one, but I’m a loyal and loving man who will not quit.

I will carry on fighting.””

For the sake of the country, I will not let this go, and I will win this thing,” he continued.

“This will be my last term in office.”

Kellyrn Conway has also called on her fellow Americans to rally behind the president and his administration, urging people to “stand together and say NO!”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to ABC’s request for comment.

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