‘This Is The Best World I’ve Ever Been To’: Japanese Man Thinks This Is His Best Life Yet

Japanese man Shiho Matsumoto, 37, thinks he is in his best world yet, despite his poor health.

Mr Matsumoto, a former marine, said he has not been able to work since January 2016, and he was not able to visit his daughter and son-in-law in hospital after suffering a stroke.

“I’m so happy.

I feel so good.

I have a feeling of having fulfilled all my dreams,” he told the BBC.”

But I also feel sad.

I miss my wife, my family, my friends.”‘

This is the best world I’ve ever been to’: Japanese manThinking he is a well rounded individual, Mr Matsumots work is dependent on the availability of health care.

He said he had to stop working and take his medication to avoid his body breaking down.

“My doctors have told me that if I don’t take the medication, my heart rate will increase, my breathing will be very difficult, I will become a little depressed, I would go into a coma,” he said.

“So I think I am the only one who can take care of my health, and the rest will be the work of others.”‘

I feel very sad’: Japanese woman worried about her husband’s healthAfter Mr Matsubayashi was diagnosed with COPD in 2016, he spent more than a year in hospital, unable to leave his home.

“After a long period of being in hospital for four years, I was finally able to come home to Japan,” he explained.

“During that time, I have not seen my family for the past year.”

They are very worried about me, I do not know if I am healthy, but I do think that I am in good shape.

“But Mr Matsuyashi said he was worried that his wife, who is suffering from COPD, was not being treated as seriously as her husband.”

At first, I thought that my wife was okay.

I think she had been in hospital because of COPD for four and a half years,” he added.”

Now, I am worried because she is not being taken seriously.”‘

Life’s too short to worry about my health’: Japanese mother worried about husband’s deathAfter her husband died in December last year, she and her family travelled to New York for a memorial service.

She said she was concerned that the family was being left behind by his illness.”

It feels like we are living in a dream world,” she told the broadcaster.”

If he is not going to be able to take care, I think that life’s too long to worry.”‘

The worst case scenario’: Japan’s COVID-19 responseA report released on Thursday by the World Health Organization (WHO) said Japan was on track to meet its global COVID response target of eradicating the disease by December 2019.”

We are currently working on the COVID pandemic and its health impact and mitigation,” the WHO said in a statement.”

The global COFFE project is expected to be fully operational by mid-November 2019.

“Mr Matsuyas medical team is still awaiting the results of a trial of an experimental drug that can prevent the progression of the disease.

It has been reported that the drug, known as Zymomonas, can significantly reduce the symptoms of the illness and can also slow its progression.

Mr Matuyas’ wife is in hospital in the United States.

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