What we know about the Nintendo Switch’s Switch port: How to buy the game and what to expect from the console

Nintendo is releasing the Switch in November, and with a number of ports on the way from Sony, Microsoft and more, we wanted to dig deeper into what we can expect from a Nintendo Switch port.

We’ve already seen a couple of trailers, and there’s plenty of reason to be excited about the Switch’s potential to offer a more expansive and diverse game library.

As far as what Nintendo has released for Switch so far, we’ve seen a few new titles in the form of new adventures for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Nintendo’s other Switch port, Animal Crossing for Switch, has also received some attention.

But Nintendo is hoping to hit a home run with this game.

What’s Nintendo’s Switch game to look forward to in November?

We know that the NintendoSwitchport.com website is a pretty reliable source for information about the system, so we’ve compiled our list of our favourite Switch ports so far into this article.

We’ll update it regularly as new content comes out, so stay tuned for more!

There are some other Switch ports that we’re not covering here that you can look forward and check out.

But we do recommend you check out our Switch port review and look forward too.

It’s an interesting list to add to.

Switch is the first console that Nintendo has launched that isn’t a mobile game.

This means that it will only be available on Nintendo Switch devices, not on smartphones.

We don’t know anything about how well it will perform, though.

And it’s certainly not a Nintendo exclusive, either.

Nintendo has a number on Switch that we haven’t covered, but it’s still important to remember that Switch is just a console.

Switch isn’t going to be the first home console to support VR, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the last.

We have a video on the Switch port coming soon, so you can check it out if you haven’t already.

You can also find a full list of Switch ports here. Read more

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