A tooth-brushing trend is on the rise, but is it safe?

The dental profession in Britain is struggling, with the cost of toothbrushing rising by over 50 per cent in the last five years.

In a bid to help reduce the strain, a dental school in south London is offering free dental treatments to all its students.

 But what about the cost to the taxpayer?

And what’s the cost for the students themselves?

Read more:  The cost of a dental appointment for a first-year student in the London area is £25 ($34), according to the University of London’s dental budget website.

 It’s an average of £2,900 ($2,980) for an office visit and £1,100 ($1,320) for a visit to a dentist’s office.

That’s a hefty bill for students to pay, but it comes with benefits.

Students can receive free dental care from their GP, dental hygienist and a dentist at the school.

They also get a complimentary dental kit and treatment for an average visit of just £1 ($1.10).

But what’s really worrying students about the dental bill is the cost.

It’s the average amount students have to pay for the cost-of-living allowances for their housing, school meals and travel, according to The Guardian.

According to the UK Government, an average student living in London spends £1.2 ($1) on food and £3 ($4) on accommodation.

The average cost of rent in London is £9 ($11.20) per month.

But the costs of tooth brushing and treatment are a different story.

There’s no evidence to suggest that dental costs are a cost to taxpayers, says the University’s dental budgets website.

In fact, the dental budgets of the UK’s top 10 dental schools say toothbrushes and treatment costs are very low compared with what the average student has to pay.

In 2014, dental schools in the United Kingdom were estimated to spend just over £1 billion ($1 billion) on dental care, while the NHS spends about £1 trillion ($1 trillion) annually on dental services.

The costs of dental care are the biggest driver of dental inflation in the UK, according the dental budget.

For dentists, the most significant cost is the rising cost of treatment.

Many dentists have reported feeling like they are on the hook for their students’ dental costs.

“In terms of the dental costs of the university, it’s very, very difficult,” said Dr Ian Rennie, head of dental health at King’s College London.

If students are struggling to pay their bills, how do you know they’re doing their best?

The cost is in the student’s name.

When a student pays a dental bill, it is typically written into their student loan.

Since the financial crisis, student loans have risen by nearly 100 per cent, and many have become debtors.

So when a student is struggling to make ends meet, it could mean they’re paying a significant amount of debt.

And the repayment process is often a lengthy one.

Because students have little control over when they repay their loans, many are stuck with huge debts for years.

Some students have even lost their jobs in order to cover their costs.

According to figures published by the Office for National Statistics, the number of people who were unemployed for more than a year in 2015 was 10.9 million, a rise of 2.9 per cent.

However, that figure does not include the millions of people working part-time.

Unemployment for part-timers rose by just under 7 per cent over the same period.

While many dentists say they are trying to help students, some are worried the trend will continue.

A survey conducted by the British Dental Association last year found that 25 per cent of dentists surveyed said they were worried about the dentistry sector in the future.

Dr John Pugh, who chairs the dental board at King-College London, said dentists are in a difficult position.

If it’s not a serious problem, we don’t want to make it harder for them to pay.” “

If they have a dental issue they’ll be assessed, they’ll have to have a treatment done, and we can’t help them.”

If it’s not a serious problem, we don’t want to make it harder for them to pay.

“Read more about dental care in the U.K.:  Dentists say the dentists need to be more aware of the dentist’s expectationsDr.

Ian Renshaw, who heads dental health research at King University, said it is difficult for dentists to assess a patient’s needs before giving them a toothbrush or a treatment.

He said that when a patient first starts attending a dentist, it will take a few weeks for them understand what is required of them

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