Which is better for you? Wellbeing or wellbeing?

A new study has found that wellbeing can be enhanced by the combination of being well and having well being.

The findings were made by the Wellbeing Institute, which is the only organisation which combines wellbeing with fitness and is based in Sydney.

The researchers say it is important to consider the factors that affect wellbeing and the health of the individual and their family.

“It is important that we continue to look at the individual, the family, the community and the wider community to better understand how to best support the wellbeing of those at risk of becoming ill,” Dr Michelle McEwan from the Wellness Institute said.

“In particular, the needs of individuals, their family and the community at large will be most impacted by the actions of the state, the federal government and private health care providers.”

Dr McEwon said the study found that those who had been living well in the past six months were more likely to have a higher level of wellbeing and wellbeing indicators, including being well in physical activity, eating well and feeling well in their social relationships.

“Those who had recently become ill were more resilient and more resilient in coping with their illness,” she said.

The study involved nearly 2,000 people from the community in Sydney and the Australian Capital Territory.

Researchers found that the well-being of those who were well had an impact on their physical health.

“While physical activity levels were associated with better physical health and wellbeing, it was not associated with increased physical activity or health outcomes in terms of wellbeing,” the report said.

Dr McEswan said people with low or moderate physical activity were more vulnerable to illness and were more at risk.

“This could be because their physical activity is lower, they are less physically active and they may have a lower level of physical activity as well as lower levels of health.”

The Wellbeing Institutes findings suggest the combination can make a big difference to health.

But not everyone is convinced.

“I think the main reason people are taking this new direction is to see how the best way to provide wellbeing is through health,” Dr McEwen said.

Ms MacEwan said while the research has identified the key factors that could help promote wellbeing, the findings did not offer advice on which health system is best for a particular person.

“You’re not going to be able to pinpoint what’s best for everyone and there’s no definitive answer,” she told ABC News.

“The best thing that you can do is to look for the right combination of well-health and wellbeing and look for a system that is best suited to you.”

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